How to choose an online casino?

Online casinos are today increasing in popularity amongst gamblers, especially newbies like you. However as there are so many online casinos around, any newcomer like you will need help finding out how to choose an online casino. This is why you have to use the help of the following tips, to easily find a trustworthy casino online.

Look for licensed online casinos with user-friendly software

It is important that the casino you choose to try your luck at is a licensed one like In case you don’t find any web pages or information giving the licensing details of the site, you have to at least go through some online reviews of the site to find out it is legitimate. There are however only some reputable licensing jurisdictions that are follow industry standards like Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Cyprus, so look out for them. The online casino should use software you are comfortable with. Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Boss Media, Playtech and Wagerlogic are the major platforms used in online casinos. These platforms differ in terms of the graphics, animation, its interface and level of user-friendliness it offers to customers. You can find out if you are comfortable with the software of the site either by checking the preview pages in the website or by playing some games for fun using a guest account.

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Check bonuses and wagering requirements

The online casino you choose should offer you great bonuses and deals, as this is the biggest perk of playing online.

You should receive a first deposit bonus with a continual monthly bonus. However as bonuses can vary from one casino to another, it’s better to first read the terms and conditions of the online casino as it specifies the wagering requirements. Find out the casino’s wagering requirements as you need to meet certain requirements to qualify to try out your luck at the casino. The usual minimum wager is 40 times your initial deposit, with the bonus. In some casinos, you may have to stick to a fixed time frame within which you have to reach these minimum wagering requirements to claim your bonus or prize.

  Site Bonus Rating US Review Visit
1 All Slots Casino All Slots Casino £200 9 / 10 Review Visit
2 Spin Palace Spin Palace £250 9 / 10 Review Visit
3 Jackpot City Jackpot City £500 10 / 10 Review Visit

Approved payment and good online support services

Make sure the casino uses approved payment methods. Also find out how you receive your winnings as some casinos transfer funds to your online account, and others, send you a cheque to your home address. The online casino should offer good online support services for your gambling actions, problems and payments. Choose casinos that offer full time or 24 hour support via phone and email, and make sure you check its authenticity by trying to get in touch with them, before you actually start trying your luck at gambling. Online casinos are awarded ‘top site awards’ every month. Look out for them as they are good indicators of the best online casino sites available. Also read online reviews given by other players to get an honest review of the casino. You can read all this in the message boards and private chat rooms most online casinos have or by typing the casino name in a search directory like Google and Yahoo.

Online casinos are also running businesses

As a beginner, the best place to first try out your luck at gambling is in no deposit casinos. If you play in these casinos, you need not play your first games with your money. The site provides you with free money you can try your luck out at as you need not make any deposit to these sites. Last, but not least, remember that while you try your luck at an online casino, the casino is actually a business where you pay for its services. No matter if you place wagers on some games, deposit money to the site or if you join a special club, you are doing business with the casino. This is why you have to do so much research, and spend so much time looking for the right online casino to try your luck at. You want, and should do business with a trustworthy and high quality online casino so that you can make the right decisions and avoid falling into any major financial pitfalls while trying your luck at gambling.

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