What is the difference between online poker and live poker?

Poker is a very common game played using cards. There are two main forms of poker; the online poker and the live pokers. Although the two has lots of similiarities, there are some difference between the two. The differences are so significant you cannot play any of the two the same way you play the other without losing. So what is the difference between online poker and live poker?

Blind level
The first difference is the blind difference. In live poker, the lowest blind level is usually $1/$2 or even higher depending on a given casino. In online poker, the lowest game level is usually the $0.25/$0.5 level. However, since online poker involves a lot of experienced people, this level is usually tougher than the $1/$2 blind level in live poker.

The tells
Another difference is the tells. Many people playing live poker are used to reading the body language of their opponents. This chance is not available when it comes to online poker. It is practically much harder to read tells on online poker since all you will be able to get tells from is how fast the players fold, bet, check or raise. This makes it hard even to get cash from biginners unlike live games where you will easily read the tells.

Rake back is another difference between the two poker games. In live games there is no rakeback. Rakeback is very common in online poker but is usually limited to $3 per hand. In live poker, one usually give the dealer a tip after winning, this however do not exist in online poker. In live casinos, a hand can cost as high as 10 dollars while in online casino it is limited to 3 dollars.

Variety of games
The variety of games in a live casino is also limited. You will only find a few variety of games. Games such as omaha and Stud are not easily found in casinos. However, with online poker, you can play any type of game whenever you want.

Fun factor
Playing live poker is more fun than online poker. This is because of the atmosphere of the casino and of the competing players. Online poker is less fun.

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